The fastest and most direct way to support us is with a direct donation via our square payment processing service, found HERE.

Current funding sources for DIAL/SELF include: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities, Corporation for National & Community Service, Massachusetts Service Alliance, Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance, Rite Aid Foundation, and donations from local businesses and community members.

While the majority of program funding comes from contracts, most contracts require a “community match.” This is either cash or services that are required from the community in order to receive Federal, State or private foundation support. That is why community donations are so important. Your donations help to leverage all the other “outside” funding that comes back into the community.

There are many ways to help out…

Donate to Our Annual Appeal

You can make a donation on-line through our Square account by clicking Donate here.

You can also send a check or money order to:

Annual Appeal
196 Federal Street
Greenfield, MA 01301

Or call Phil Ringwood, Executive Director, at 413-774-7054 x115 to discuss other options.

Participate in, or sponsor, the Shelburne Falls Bridge of Flowers race at DIAL/SELF is the current organizor and beneficiary of the race that happens every year on teh Second Saturday of August.

Stay connected and tell your friends:

The number of people using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to stay connected and up-to-date is growing every day. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, consider adding DIAL/SELF as a friend and let your friends know that you support the work we are doing. The more people who know what DIAL/SELF does for the community, the stronger we become.

You can access the DIAL/SELF profiles by clicking the following links:

Sign up for the Rite Aid KidCents Program:


Click here to sign up to have all your purchases at Rite Aid round up as a donation to DIAL/SELF which will be matched by the Rite Aid Foundation.

The next time you purchase that $2.75 item, your bill will be $3.00 and Rite Aid donates $0.25 to match what you donated.

Wish List!

You can also help support local youth by donating any of the items listed below that are needed by our programs and youth living in our apartments:

  • gift cards $5-$25
    • food: grocery stores, Subway, Mesa Verde, pizza houses and Dunkin Donuts
    • clothing: The Salvation Army, Bootleggers entertainment: Baker Office Supplies for art supplies and Greenfield Cinemas
    • other: gas, hair salons and barber shops

Call Phil at 774-7054, ext. 115 for further information or to arrange a donation drop-off. Please do not drop off items without calling first. Thank you.